I think there is more to research than being stuck in my lab, looking at dots and wriggly lines on my computer screen! I love sharing access to this amazing and exciting topic with others, below are some pictures from recent events!

US Fusion Outreach Team:

The development and launch of a website that collates US Fusion News, Job Postings, and Education Resources! Check it out here!

Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow (MEET):

Read about my experience teaching Palestinian and Israeli high school students in Jerusalem here!

News Articles on Science Outreach:

Connecting with Students at APS DPP in Milwaukee! (2017)

Outreach at the PSFC! (2017)

Showcasing the plasma discharge tube and the effects magnetic fields have on plasmas.

Connection with kids at AAAS (2017)

Adam demonstrating to students the basics of electricity and magnetism

Connecting with Students at APS DPP in San Jose (2016)

Hosting a Reddit AMA (2016)

Science on Saturday: Nuclear Science and Engineering (2015)

Students advancing a carbon free fusion future ( 2015)

A video from 2015 of me talking about my work! Feel free to also check out the youtube channel for the Plasma Science and Fusion Center which I helped set up!